Survival Backpack Kit – The True Survival Plan

Living the everyday life in the modern society with all the things that are going on in today’s world, it’s not hard to tell that as the time goes on and on, people are scared for their lives more and more. Climate changes, global warming, artificial intelligence, weapons of mass destruction, political arguments are just the tip of the iceberg that can cause some unexpected worldwide catastrophe. This can lead to millions of victims all around the world.  With that being said, you and every other concerned citizen of this planet should be well prepared, organised and trained in case this kind of unwanted catastrophe happens.

The Importance of the Survival Plan

Now, in this case, you may ask yourself, how should I know when this kind of thing can or will happen?

What should I do to be prepared and protect my friends and family?

Well, first of all, the key part of preparing yourself and the loved ones around you for any catastrophe that can be raised by the human intelligence, science or nature, is a survival plan. The survival plan should be made in a way so the person who did it would remain safe, sheltered and keep his family together alive and well.

Key items for the survival plan

To survive, you must have the necessary key items included in your survival plan. These survival plankey items are playing the most important part during the catastrophe. Here are a few things that the survival plan should include. These things are crucial to keeping and the safety and security of the individuals that made it.

  • The main thing that should be on top of the list of the survival plan is a fast and effective evacuation.
  • To do this, you need to start making various strategies.
  • In the end, you must choose one evacuation strategy to use when the catastrophe comes.
  • The evacuation plan should be made accordingly to the location and the place where you live, so you can get the best out of it, and be sure that no one gets left behind.
  • This will provide a fast and secure escape from the alerted area.

Now, after you created the first segment of the survival plan and making a good evacuation strategy, the most important thing after this is the location.

Now, it’s best to locate the shelter somewhere near you. This is because you need to have a fast and successful evacuation. But if the shelter is located in a different location from your house, you need to have a good quality vehicle to get you there safely.  In most cases, the best solution for the shelter problem is to get an underground basement like shelter.

The underground shelter provides the best protection for you and your family. This is because it’s a perfect way to keep yourself away from the catastrophe. Another thing is the location of the shelter, which you must choose carefully. A good air ventilation system should be installed in this kind of shelter to keep the air circulating and clean for breathing.

This should be done in every room in the shelter. You should keep in mind that good and solid metal doors with a high-security lock are the best way to improve your security and safety.

Okay, after you solved the problem with the shelter, probably the most important key item in the survival plans supplies. Under supplies, you must have particular items that will keep you and your family’s energy, health and soberness through the time spent during the catastrophe. A lot of water. Water is essential for the human to remain hydrated. It’s recommended in order to survive to secure a lot of gallons of water. For the food part, you want to choose carefully what kind of food you’ll provide for the survival part. The best option is for you to get your hands on canned food. Lots of it. Canned food is most recommended for this kind of situations. That’s because this kind of food has a long lasting date of usage, so you should not be feared about this. Also, consider a backpack. This is a great help and a solution to the problem for light travelling outside the shelter.

Now, in order to stay protected and intact, you should have in mind the self-defense items listed on your survival plan. Mostly you should keep a low profile, and avoid any trouble that can cause danger to you, your family and your shelter. But if there’s nothing you can do about it, then you must be prepared to protect yourself from whatever it’s out there. The best protection you can have is to provide weapons for the shelter.

To make sure and protect yourself and your loved ones, pick various and multiple weapons which you must know how to operate them only when necessary. Also, a very important item is the knife.  The knife can also be used as a protection item against unwanted danger, but also it can be used while you are on the lookout for more supplies. Another important thing for the best survival plan is to get you clothes. It’s best to divide them into separate categories for every period of the year. This means that you can easily find clothes and use them during winter, summer, spring and fall.

Also, it is highly recommended for you to provide yourself and your family with radioactive proof clothes. This is in case the catastrophe is a result of a third world nuclear war. You never know, but you must be prepared for every possible situation.

What is a Survival Backpack Kit?

A survival backpack kit is a back pack with a variety of supplies that are prepared in advance for use in case of an unexpected event. In most cases, the military and those who work in the forestry sector are the kinds of people who have to carry the kits with them in their job. It ensures that they have substantial food, water and basic shelter. Additionally, it helps the user in contacting rescue teams and tracking their way back to where they started. In cases of disaster or even a simple nature hike, carrying a survival backpack kit is essential.

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Four main items to include in The Best Survival Backpack

When disasters such as floods strike, people are usually confused on what to carry and Survival backpack kitwhat to leave behind. In most scenarios, people tend to carry either excess or limited supplies. Therefore, it is vital to have the backpack at bay always so that all you will need to do is to pick it up and head to survival. To avoid leaving necessities behind, make sure that your backpack has the following items:

  1. Best Tactical Flashlight. A flashlight is essential especially in case it gets dark before you can get help. It will help you in navigating an area during the night. Additionally, you can use it in signalling any rescue team that you might see.
  2. A water bottle. Water is vital for your survival. Therefore, make sure that you carry a substantial supply. However, try using water bottles instead of water bags as the bags are hard to fill and can easily get punctured.
  3. Signaling devices. While a mobile phone might seem like the only signalling device you need, try to carry as many signalling devices as possible. This is because it might lose charge or you might find yourself in a place with no network reception. A suitable signalling device is a whistle. It is lightweight and doesn’t run on battery. In case you get hurt during your escape from disaster, you can easily draw attention to yourself by just blowing it.
  4. A first aid kit. When going through a new area, a lot can happen. You might get hurt in the process. Since wounds can easily lead to an infection if unattended to promptly, a first aid kit is essential in any survival backpack kit.
  5. Tactical Self Defense Pen. This is perfect for both wilderness survival and every day survival.  You will need some sort of defense against unexpected attacks.

Tips for choosing an efficient Backpack

Having a back pack will only contribute halfway to your survival. The other half is covered by the effectiveness of the pack. Here are three tips to help you buy an efficient survival backpack kit:

  1. Extra storage space. An effective backpack should have extra space for the storage of the things that you will need to use the most. For example, it should have side pockets, and a means to hang things like a knife, water bottle, sleeping bag and compass. By doing so, you will have your essentials within a hand’s reach.
  2. Comfort. An efficient backpack should be easy to carry around. This means that its straps should not cause any stress onto your shoulders or hip. Opt for the best survival backpack kit that has broad and thick straps. Also, a kit that has a hip support is good as it will assist you in balancing its weight onto the whole of your body.
  3. Air flow. A bag which doesn’t allow the flow of air at its back side can be quite stressful. You might find yourself sweating and wetting your clothes. Choose a bag that allows your skin to breathe.

Whether you are out camping, a military veteran or even a person running from disaster, you will need to have some supplies to survive in foreign and harsh environments. While a regular bag will have limited space for carrying these requirements, a survival backpack kit will provide you with ample space. Make sure that you buy one today to stay prepared for any unpredictable event.

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Now for the strategy part of living through the catastrophe, there are a couple of things that you need to have in mind. It is best to group yourself and your family with other people as well.  The groups with more people in them are proving to be more effective.

This is because you will be more protected; you can separate into two different shifts and keep the place safe. More people mean more help around and in the shelter, supplies searching partners, etc.

For families, it is best not to keep your kids alone or to wander all by themselves. It is not the apocalypse yet, but it won’t hurt if the survival plan is done. Better be prepared for what’s coming

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