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AlumiTact X700 Tactical Flashlight

Review of ALumitact X700 Tactical Flashlight

Several people believe that the AlumiTact X700 tactical flashlight is a modernized version of the ALumiTact G700. However, the truth is that the X700 tactical flashlight is a replica of the G700, though packaged differently. Regardless of this fact, several of our readers still want to know more about the X700 flashlight which made us buy it so we can see if it is worth the $56 we paid for it.

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Brightness & Lumen Power

The X700 tactical LED flashlight zoom can reach close to 2,000 feet if the battery is fully charged. The light beam is very bright, it can blind a person from within 300 feet. When you compare it with the G700, the reach is somewhat better but the level of brightness is almost the same.

Powerful Led Technology

Some of the tactical flashlights available make use of small LED diodes to generate light. The X700 tactical flashlight uses a larger LED chip that’s 30 times stronger than usual LED diodes.

x700 tactical led flashlight

The discovery of the enhanced LED hardware was first introduced by Lumitact while building flashlights for the US military. Alumitact, on the other hand, is a partner company to Lumitact, thus making them one of the few corporations that have the license to manufacture the new LED hardware.

X700 Tactical Flashlight

Features & Modes

The AlumiTact X700 tactical flashlight has multiple modes and features that can bedetached into 2 groups; light mode and focus mode.


Light mode

You can change to any of the modes below by just half pressing the green button on the back:

  • Strobe light
  • SOS light
  • Continuous light


Focus mode

By squeezing and stretching the flashlight, you can adjust the range of the beam. You can take it from a very small square spotlight to extensively dispersed.

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


Material & Manufacturing

The X700 flashlight body is made from a piece of carbonized aluminum. X700 FlashlightThis material makes it enormously crash resistant and robust.

The optical zoom lens that enables the adjustable focus feature is made with softly polished, solid glass, very similar to the one used in manufacturing camera lenses.

The X700 tactical flashlight is manufactured and designed in the United States, Minneapolis to be precise and under the standards of the highest US factory.


Battery Life & Recharging Options

The $56 AlumiTact X700 tactical flashlight package comes with a free battery charger, 3 AAA 4.2-volt batteries, and an additional car charger. It only takes about an hour to fully charge the 4.2 volt battery and once it is fully charged, it can last for days.


Company Background, Who Makes the AlumiTact X700 tactical flashlight?

The X700 tactical flashlight is sold online via Military Supply USA. This may sound like a huge online military supply retailer. However, in reality, if you visit the site, the catalog is solely filled with the X700 flashlight (in several package deals, like in packages between 1 and 20 flashlights). That is the only product shown in the catalog. They did mention that they are just beginning which can only suggest that they will be around for a long time with countless more products and projects coming down the pipeline.


The regular price for the AlumiTact X700 tactical flashlight is $224 and it comes with free shipping. If you purchase more flashlights from the authorized online store the amount can go to as low as $30 x flashlight.

x 700 led flashlight

After that, we dunked it in a cold bucket of water and discovered that it continued to work after two hours. The manufacturer specified that this is a flashlight appropriate for all conditions and that it’s precisely what they delivered.

Finally, the AlumiTact X700 tactical LED flashlight is very identical to a variation of “military grade” flashlights that have appeared online of late. For $56, it is not a bad flashlight – particularly when you consider that it promises to make available, 700 lumens of power, which for me is quite an achievement for a flashlight that was sold for $56. Nonetheless, if you are expecting this flashlight to be durable, heavy, and made from high superior materials, then you are perhaps going to be let down.

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