TAC-1200 Tactical Flashlight Review – High Powered 1200 Lumen LED

tc1200 tactical flashlight review

TAC-1200 Tactical Flashlight Review

The tc1200 flashlight is a new brand and it’s trying to make its presence felt by asking you to light up your world as tac-lights grow in practicality and popularity in 2017. Our goal is straightforward and simple– to review this product and the company and let you know if they’re a reliable tac-light brand or bust.

Having launched the product early this year, the tac-1200 tactical flashlight information is a bit limited at this point in time; nevertheless, we’ll do our best to discuss the qualifications and specifications and of this highly sought after military-grade LED flashlight tool that has been made accessible to the public. The digital LED emitter can generate very bright beams and concentrations of light that shouldn’t be utilized as a toy, it should be included in any camping or prepper’s bug out bag!

What is the tc1200 tactical flashlight?

Promoted and categorized as a very high-performance LED flashlight, the tc1200 tactical TaC 1200 Tactical Flashlightflashlight is a military motivated tac-light that has the potential to deliver a lot of rewarding features and benefits to save you from the believed dim flashlight syndrome.  This includes being a 1200 lumen flashlight

No matter your professional or personal position and occupational status; whether a prepper, police officer, survivalist, security guard, outdoorsmen, firefighter, ex-military or just an ordinary citizen, the need for a practical solution has been growing and it seems the answer has come in the form of a flashlight that offers many more bright and bold benefits than a regular flashlight.

Since this make and model seems to be related to the Shadow hawk X800, we’re going to show you how they’re similar but also different in some areas.

As we look at the rest of the tac-1200 tactical flashlight, we notice the unbelievable similarity between the two (it seems this 1200 lumen tactical flashlight is similar to the X800 in all aspects except the number of lumens each flashlight efficiently emits).

Both of them are light-weight and have a compact military aircraft-grade aluminum1200 lumen flashlight covering for maximum durability and strength; likewise the 5 preset of medium, high, strobe, low and SOS settings that can offer up to 100,000 lamp hours. However, the amazing comparison doesn’t stop there, as both the tc1200 flashlight and the Shadow hawk X800 have the ability to focus at 2000x, 1000x, 500x, 250x, 1x LED emitter light concentrations and range.

The tac-1200 tactical flashlight is said to be water resistant IP65 and is 20% brighter than any other tactical flashlight. It’s said to be about 5 to 6 inches and the lens is a convex lens with a lotus fastening head which appears to be the normal protocol for most $40-$60 handheld tactical LED flashlights.

It also offers self-defense abilities. Making it an appropriate choice for security personnel and police officers. This is because it has a confusing strobe effect which could be used to blind the target forever and it also helps to identify threats in low light locations. Most tactical flashlights have a notched bezel that can be used as a striking device during an attack.

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Comparing the TC1200 Flashlight to a Regular Flashlight


The tac-1200 tactical flashlight comes with a tactical kit of:

  • 1 tc1200 tactical flashlight Holster (stable and secure storage on your belt loop)
  • 1 AAA Battery Pouch
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 Tactical Storage Case
  • 1 Car Charger

This flashlight can’t be found anywhere else but online. Here’s a simple price analysis of the probable cost associated with purchasing a tac-1200 tactical flashlight from 1Tac (free shipping included on all orders).

Bearing in mind that the sales page had the initial cost being $224 for each tac-1200 tactical flashlight, it looks like the perfect deal to get one at only $56. You can get the Flashlight as low as $25 by clicking here.

tc1200 flashlight review


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