Best Wilderness Survival Gear and Kits To Stay Safe in The Outdoors

Best Survival Gear

The wilderness survival gear in your backpack, your knowledge about the wildness, and your abilities to protect yourself from the danger in the wildness can help you to save your own life and survive. No matter the situation you find yourself into, from getting lost or injuring yourself, having the right kind of outdoor survival gear can help you make your time outdoors easier. But, what kind of gear do you need? How can you protect yourself from situations that put your life in danger?


No matter the location, season, the situation, having the right tactical survival gear can literary help you survive in unknown place, protecting you from the outdoors dangers.

Every traveler, hiker, hunter, or any adventurer, owns a wilderness survival kit that can make a huge difference if they by any chance find themselves in a difficult situation and need to survive.

What kind of items you need your survival gear to contain depend on the places you are going, the danger level of that specific location, your needs, the space available, the distance to your destination, and the weight you can carry.

The main items for all the wilderness survival kits are the compass, the matches, the fire-starters, the tablets for purification of the water, a small mirror for rescuing, and a whistle for alerts. Other than these items, depending on the destination, you are exploring you will need for sure many other items that could make your destination easier to reach without putting your life in danger.

You need to have the right skills to build a shelter if you are in a situation that requires for you to spend the night outdoors in unknown places or to pick the right food offered by nature without putting your health at risk.

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Best Survival backpack


Certainly, the main item required when it comes to survival. This kind of backpack has all the things you will need to survive in the wildness, keeping you alive until someone helps you or you find your way out from the dangerous situation.

The items your outdoor survival backpack must contain are:

  • Your backpack must be from a high-quality material and to have water resistance wilderness survival gearfeatures, protecting the items inside and making through the bad conditions in the wildness.
  • Hydration system that offers a stainless bottle and a filter. These items will make the water from rivers safe for drinking, with filtering completely any bacteria.
  • For not wasting energy to create shelter if you need to spend the night outdoors, you need to have in the backpack a tent and a sleeping bag.
  • The knife is a must. This item has many purposes as cutting branches, creating sharp weapons, hunting animals, digging holes or cutting ropes, even for self-defense.
  • A highly required item for your backpack is the cord. This item will help you if you need to tie poles together, to trap animals or to fish, to climb, tie items to the backpack, to create a shelter, and much more.
  • The First Aid Kit. One of the most important items for your survival. With tweezers, bandages, pain killers, antiseptics, needles, safety pins, and sutures, this item will keep protecting your body and health, helping you if you get injured.
  • The flashlight is a must, especially when it comes to the dangers of the night exploring a place that is unknown to you.
  • Bandana, this will help you if you find yourself in a highly hot place, keeping your head protected from the sun. Also, it can be used at the mouth to prevent the dust getting inside.
  • A light weighted cooking set, suitable for camping can prevent you to eat raw food that could affect your health.
  • Don’t forget at least one change of clothes. The clothes you choose for your backpack must be made from quality materials and dry fast.


Shelter and food sources

When it comes to survival in the wilderness, having the right items do not help if you don’t know how to use them. The top priority when you find yourself in the wildness, and you don’t know how long it will take to save yourself from that situation is to build a shelter.

Building a shelter can help you protect yourself from the weathers conditions and defend Survival Shelteryourself from any danger weather’s element that may occur while you are out there. Also, spending the night in a shelter can protect you from animals that may be out there in the wildness.

What kind of shelter you need to build depend on your location and nature’s items offered to you. Knowing how to combine the nature’s items with the items in your outdoor survival backpack, can save your life and make your stay in the outdoors less dangerous.

Also, is very important to learn about nature and food that you can use as nutrition while you are stuck in middle of nowhere. Not every food in the wildness is good for eating. Many things you find out there can poison you or affect your health dangerously. Learn about dangerous to eat foods before you explore any area. It’s important to develop skills for hunting. If you are stuck for more days in the location, you will need to hunt.



To learn how to protect yourself when you come across to difficult and dangerous places is the most important thing about survival.  To keep yourself protected means to keep yourself alive without injuring yourself and preventing dangerous situations from happening to you.

No matter of the location, you need to protect yourself from cold or hot weather conditions, wind and rain, sun burns, lack of water or food, and animals out there that might be dangerous.

To protect from all these things, you need to have the complete wilderness survival kit and survival skills. From building a shelter, creating weapons, have proper clothing, own the right survival items in the backpack, to hunting and exploring skills that will get you out of the wildness alive and well.

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