What is a Tactical Self Defense Pen – How to Use it For Protection

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What is a Tactical Self Defense Pen

I was opportune to get a practical cool practical self defense tool during the last Christmas. I toyed with it for sometime. I have come to understand the advantages and the disadvantages of the tool and realize the need to add it to my Survival Backpack Kit.

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The most important advantage of the tactical self defense pen is its discreteness. With a size shy of 6”, it looks just like the usual pen. It is not noticeable when put inside a pant or a suits pocket. Though it is heavier than a normal pen, I do not normally feel any discomfort carrying it around; it fits my palms just fine. It writes just like a normal pen should, and I am usually surprised no one notices I can also use it as a weapon. The size makes it just not fearful and a good self-defense weapon.

Advantage of the Best Tactical Pen

The greatest advantage of a self defense pen is in its strength unlike the conventional pen that can be a tool for self-defense without it breaking; this tactical pen is made of metal and usually have a reinforced surface for striking. This pen sources from the aluminum of aircrafts with a carbide glass breaker.

How to Use a Tactical Pen

Self-defense tools require practical and YouTube offers a good number of videos on howtactical self defense pen one could use tactical pens as a self-defense tool.

A method that is similar to that of a Kubotan includes holding the pen firmly in your hand and using it as a weapon against your attacker. Target soft body parts that can temporarily render your attacker disable, parts like the groin, face, throat, kneecap, the elbows, ribs and other sensitive parts of the body.

A strong strike might not render your attacker incapacitated but it usually stops the attacker for some time so that you can escape from him.

Double tapping is very important when hitting or stabbing an attacker, when an opening arises, take it and stab with your strength, if one jab puts off an attacker, two or more strikes will open an escape route and put you in control.

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Other Uses of a Survival Pen

One of the things I did not notice at first about the use of this pen is that it can serve as what is a tactical penforensic evidence for the law enforcement. The pen picks up the DNA (diploid number of allele) of the striker when it comes in contact with the attacker, which helps with the identification of the assailant. Some models of tactical pen have DNA catcher, which is designed for catching DNA.

The way you look at it will determine whether the relative un-killing of the pen is a disadvantage or an advantage to you. The use of weapons such as firearms and knives in defense will cause serious injury to either the attacker or victim. Self defense pens causes’ pain on the assailant and will reduce his/her strength and give you room for escape instead of engaging in an open fight. The best tactical pen offers a choice of either having no means of defense or use of firearms. On the disadvantageous side, a tactical pen cannot offer you protection if your attacker holds a gun or knife.

Tips for a Tactical Self Defense Pen

To ensure the survival pen will be a effective weapon on your opponent, it is ideal that you practice using it. Practice with it when you are alone at home, find a friend to practice with at your home on the weekends. You could build an opponent in your room with pillows and other objects.

Carry the tactical self defense pen along with you on every outing and prepare to use it. Ensure you have it in your hands when walking on the streets at night especially if where you are walking through is a nook or alley. Keeping it in your purse will make you spend time searching for the pen when you need it. This is not a good idea as the attacker can strike within the shortest amount of time it takes you to fetch it out of your purse.

Pay attention to your surroundings; anyone could be lurking in the shadows.  At any sign of danger, make a dash for it and if you think you do not have a chance to run, lunge at your attacker immediately. Do not contemplate strike where you will cause damage. Repeat the strikes and run, do not wait. A combination of this with the proper defense tactics will keep you safe.

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