What Should Every Prepared Hunter Carry For Outdoor Emergencies?

hunters survival kit

The most effective way to prevent mishaps while hunting outdoors is adequately preparing for the trip. What Should Every Prepared Hunter Carry For Outdoor Emergencies? As you get ready to go out hunting, it is crucial that you consider the survival gear that you will be taking along with you so that you are well prepared in case of an emergency. Your goal is to carry equipment that can handle the most common emergencies that hunters are likely to face when wandering off the beaten path.

1. First aid boxhunters first aid kit

This is one of the essential items you need for a hunting trip. Safety and security should always be your top priority when going out hunting. Your first aid kit should have medical tapes, bandages, knives, latex gloves, needles, cotton swabs, petroleum jelly, gauze, stitches, scissors, and any other item you deem necessary.

2. Flashlight

Batteries die. Light bulbs and electrics fail too. This is a fact of life. The secret is having a backup that is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Having a handy light source could be a lifesaver in a dark and scary situation. Always carry a backlight of some sort and some extra batteries on hand. Also, make sure to store them where you can locate them quickly and easily, especially in the dark.  Here is a great list of our recommendations for the best flashlight for the money!

3. Communication 

When things get a little too rough while you are out hunting, being able to communicate with the outside world is critical. Communication could mean signaling for help once you get in trouble in a remote area, or even using a backup cell phone to call for help. Regardless of how rugged your cellphone is, carrying only one is asking for trouble. It is highly recommended that you bring a second phone while hunting just in case something comes up. Some of the other handy communication items include a signal whistle, flares, mirrors or any other thing that could get you rescued.

4. Cash

While in the wilderness, a mountain of money in the bank will not do you any good in certain scenarios. That is why it is crucial that you carry a few bills around. Fold them up and bury them in your purse or wallet, and promise yourself not to use it unless it is for an actual emergency. Although this will take some willpower, the emergency cash will aid you to buy some food, pay for a ride or pick up some supplies if there is ever a problem while out hunting. You do not want to be stranded outside an ATM during an emergency because the electricity is out or there is a problem with electronic payment systems.

5. Weapon

What Should Every Prepared Hunter Carry For Outdoor Emergencies

While we hope you never need to use it, your everyday carry weapon and its backup should be ready at all times to go at a moment’s notice. The world we live in is volatile. Whatever your go-to weapon is, it should have a backup.


6. Firestarter

While out hunting outdoors, a fire is a form of survival. So make sure you have a way to start one. Disposable matches and lighters are must-haves for every hunter. With a fire starter, you can build a fire for comfort and warmth, light, to melt snow and for cooking. Always keep your kit packed with a redundant supply of fire starters.


I hope this list helps you for the next time you go hunting!